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About Me

I'm Miguel González Duque, a mathematician from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I'm mostly interested in the intersection between probabilistic modeling and geometry.

I'm currently a PhD student at the Creative AI Lab at the IT University of Copenhagen, under the supervision of Prof. Sebastian Risi. We are developing systems that create and adapt game content to users. I have also started collaborating with Søren Hauberg's lab at DTU, working on generative modelling and differential geometry. I'm also currently doing a PhD Sabbatical at the Bosch Center for AI working with Leonel Rozo.

Feel free to contact me at miguelgondu(at)gmail(dot)com.

Some publications

Mario Plays on a Manifold

We train 2-dimensional VAEs on Mario and Zelda and define a graph in latent space only where playable levels live. This lets us sample and interpolate safely.


Variational Neural Cellular Automata

We used an NCA as the decoder of a Variational Autoencoder. (Main work done by Rasmus Berg Palm; I only played a secondary role.)

arxiv - code

Pulling back information geometry

We induced geometries in latent space by pulling back the Fisher-Rao metric.


Fast Game Content Adaptation Through Bayesian-based Player Modelling

We applied a Bayesian Optimization approach to dynamically adjusting difficulty.

arxiv - publication - code

Finding Game Levels with the Right Difficulty in a Few Trials through Intelligent Trial-and-Error

We used Gaussian Processes and Bayesian Optimization to find good levels for one bot using a prior from another bot.

arxiv - publication - code

Learning a Behavioral Repertoire from Demonstrations

We conditioned a StarCraft2 bot on strategies and optimized for the best strategy. This image was made by Niels Justesen.

arxiv - publication - code

Neural Networks that express multiple strategies in the video game StarCraft 2

My M.Sc. Thesis (Mathematics at UNAL-Med). During my first stay at ITU, I collaborated with Niels, Sebastian and Daniel Cabarcas on applying dimensionality reduction to strategies, and creating bots for StarCraft 2.