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Making an interactive, responsive d3 chart in Gatsby


Data Visualization - TypeScript - Gatsby

This blogpost explores how to use d3 inside Gatsby, and shows how to create a simple interactive chart

On Stuttering


Personal - A little bit of neuro

Translating measure theory into probability


Probability Theory - Math

This blogpost contains a small summary of how some concepts from probability (events, probabilities, distributions and densities) are formalized using measure theory.

Creating Priors using Normal Noise


Python - Math

In this blogpost I explain some of the things I learned in a Bayesian Scientific Computing course at DTU. I create noise functions by solving a linear system in which the right-hand side is given by normal samples.

Creating a random graph from a string



In this post I show how to create a random graph from a string using numpy's random number generator and click.

A Link to my MSc Thesis


Video Games - Artificial Intelligence

This is a small post with a description and a link to my M.Sc. Thesis.

Installing and Using Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook


Python - Data Science

In this post I introduce Anaconda and I show you how to install it and use one of its many tools.

A tutorial on sc2reader: events and units


Python - Video Games - Data Science

sc2reader is a great open source tool to parse SC2Replay files. This is a small tutorial on installing it and using it to scrap basic information from these files.

What the victory of Open AI Five means


Video Games - Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Open AI Five beat a group of high-level Dota2 players. What does this victory mean for the game?

Latin Squares and Finite Groups


Math - Python

In this post I show that there are only 2 groups of order 6 using only latin squares.

A couple of metrics in generalrepytivity


Math - Python

This post is a tutorial on the small tool I wrote for manipulating tensors in General Relativity, called generalrepytivity.