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Making an interactive, responsive d3 chart in Gatsby


Data Visualization - TypeScript - Gatsby

This blogpost explores how to use d3 inside Gatsby, and shows how to create a simple interactive chart

Sobre la tartamudez


Personal - Neuro

On Stuttering


Personal - A little bit of neuro

Translating measure theory into probability


Probability Theory - Math

This blogpost contains a small summary of how some concepts from probability (events, probabilities, distributions and densities) are formalized using measure theory.

Creating Priors using Normal Noise


Python - Math

In this blogpost I explain some of the things I learned in a Bayesian Scientific Computing course at DTU. I create noise functions by solving a linear system in which the right-hand side is given by normal samples.

Creating a random graph from a string



In this post I show how to create a random graph from a string using numpy's random number generator and click.

A Link to my MSc Thesis


Video Games - Artificial Intelligence

This is a small post with a description and a link to my M.Sc. Thesis.

Installing and Using Anaconda and Jupyter Notebook


Python - Data Science

In this post I introduce Anaconda and I show you how to install it and use one of its many tools.

Instalando y usando Anaconda y Jupyter Notebook


Python - Ciencias de los datos

En este post introduzco Anaconda y muestro cómo instalarla y usar una de sus herramientas.

Análisis de los delitos sexuales reportados en el 2018


Periodismo - Análisis de datos

Usando las bases de datos publicadas por la policía dentro del proyecto de datos abiertos, se analizan los delitos sexuales reportados en el 2018, comparándolos con años anteriores. Los resultados muestran que la cantidad de reportes ha aumentado, que las mujeres jóvenes son las más afectadas y se muestran los municipios con más reportes.

A tutorial on sc2reader: events and units


Python - Video Games - Data Science

sc2reader is a great open source tool to parse SC2Replay files. This is a small tutorial on installing it and using it to scrap basic information from these files.

What the victory of Open AI Five means


Video Games - Artificial Intelligence

Recently, Open AI Five beat a group of high-level Dota2 players. What does this victory mean for the game?

Latin Squares and Finite Groups


Math - Python

In this post I show that there are only 2 groups of order 6 using only latin squares.

A couple of metrics in generalrepytivity


Math - Python

This post is a tutorial on the small tool I wrote for manipulating tensors in General Relativity, called generalrepytivity.