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Topic Modeling in Philosophy Journals

I am working on topic modeling alongside Juan Raúl Loaiza. We are processing the papers submitted to Ideas y Valores, a journal from the department of philosophy of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá.


Do you remember a blogpost I wrote a couple of months ago?, in it I described how to create a graph from a string. Now it can be used as a web app.

Adaptive Sudoku

A sudoku web app that finds the right sudoku for you. This project uses Gaussian Processes and Bayesian Optimization to model the time it takes for each player to solve a sudoku given the number of prefilled digits. (Currently turned off)

Voronoi me

I implemented a small Python code that transforms photos to low-poly versions using NumPy, SciPy, PIL and Voronoi tesselations.


I implemented a Python library/template for scraping data from .SC2Replay files for my M.Sc thesis. More details can be found in my blogposts and publications (in the about page). This image was made by Niels Justesen, with whom I co-authored this paper about learning build orders. This library was used by a group of Bachelor's students at Chalmers university.